Our tree service Connecticut staff is experienced and highly skilled at tree removal. We have access to heavy machinery, special equipment and tools for efficient and expert tree removal. What sets Avon Heritage Landscaping apart from the other tree services is evaluating the issues at hand and giving our clients more options to choose from to better serve you. After getting your estimate done, we develop a plan based on your needs and desires and will immediately start work on your project. As a tree service Connecticut provider, we aim to provide outstanding services that go above and beyond expectations, from initial assessment to supplying services ranging from tree removal, land clearing and excavation to landscaping maintenance, installation and hardscapes. We are highly skilled and prepared for any job but always strive to surpass our clients’ expectations.

It takes a lot of hard earned skills and keen attention to detail to be one of the best among the many landscapers in Avon. Avon Heritage Landscaping is known for being one of the best landscaping and tree service CT companies in Connecticut. It’s because every landscaper we hire is just as dedicated to our customers as we are. We are genuinely interested in making your homes landscape into what you’ve always dreamed it to be!

All of our team members are highly-educated in landscape design to guarantee you receive not only something that looks nice but a setting that flourishes for years to come. Get started today by contacting our office. A friendly service representative is eager to answer all of your questions.

Our tree service CT team is skilled in tree removal, but if you have other trees that need attention, we offer tree removal, trimming, and maintenance services to keep your trees healthy and vibrant. Contact us to find out how we can assist with your tree care must-have. Our tree service CT experts are here to help


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