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Our skilled and qualified tree removal specialists can offer you a variety of tree services. We handle everything, from tree limbing to full tree removal. Whether you are removing an unhealthy or dying tree, or you need a tree removed to prevent underground utility damage, our tree service CT staff will ensure that the entire process is done correctly. 

Do you have branches resting on your powerlines that risk knocking out your power? Avon Heritage Landscaping will work with the electricity company to get power shut off, the branches cleared from the powerline and power restored to your home quickly and safely. We can even take care of that downed tree for you after inclement weather. 

While trimming or cutting a tree might look like a DIY job, it requires a comprehensive knowledge of what the potential dangers are. Branches and limbs are notorious for injury in tree removal, and can fall on you or even knock the ladder out from under your feet. Leave the dangerous job to us. Our team is highly qualified and experienced in all your tree removal and land clearing needs. Whether you are concerned about a dead tree falling or need a branch cut that overhangs your house or outdoor living space, our excellent tree service CT will ensure the job is done correctly. We provide expert clean up, leaving your yard clear and free of debris. To find out more about our residential tree services, call our expert CT tree service staff for a free estimate. Based on the tree’s dimensions, removal could be a big project, making it crucial to hire a competent tree removal company. Call us now for your free quote.


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Land Clearing CT

Land clearing is the process of eliminating trees, shrubs, invasive plants, stumps and other growth to facilitate new growth, or repurpose the area for new construction. Do you need to clear an overgrown lot to begin construction on a new home? We offer the land clearing CT services you need in order to get your construction project started. We will assess your land and project, and determine which vegetation and other materials need to be removed. We can provide you with complete land clearing services or selective clearing, enabling you to maintain particular natural features if you wish.

Lot clearing usually involves the same processes, although the amount of time it will take varies depending on the project size. In short, the process includes surveying and inspecting the land along with the blueprints for the construction to figure out what needs to be done. Then, our clearing team will get the land to a point where it’s ready to be built on.

Land clearing usually begins with clearing away any vegetation or large rocks on the lot. Bushes and trees are usually the next major obstacles for most construction projects. Even if a tree isn’t directly in the way, its roots can become an issue with underground utilities such as water lines, sewer, septic, wells or underground powerlines. If a tree begins to die it could up root and cause significant damage to these underground utilities costing you thousands.